Garbage Disposal Repair


A standard garbage disposal is not a complicated household appliance. There are very few parts necessary for a garbage disposal to operate in comparison to larger appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. Therefore, garbage disposal repair is often low effort and requires no more than 15-30 minutes for the average homeowner or handyman.

That being said, not all homeowners are comfortable with DIY repair. In the event a problem is too complicated to fix on your own, recommends enlisting the services of a local appliance repair company in your neighborhood. This will ensure safe and successful results for the garbage disposal.

Below are some of the most common repairs for garbage disposals and food waste disposers. The list is applicable to all major brands and models. This includes Disposal Genie, Waste King, InSinkErator and Moen. Review the list and contact us with questions if need be:


If there is a burning smell coming from the drain in your kitchen sink, the odds are something is wrong with the garbage disposal and in need of repair. The source of the smell is likely the motor inside of the disposal unit. In the event the motor is no longer working, we recommend replacing the entire appliance. This is because the cost of purchasing and installing a new motor is similar to the cost of a brand new garbage disposal.


Garbage disposals run on electricity. This means if the appliance won’t turn on, the homeowner should first ensure the unit is plugged in. The second step is to inspect the home’s circuit breaker box in order to determine if a circuit breaker tripped and needs to be flipped on again. If neither of these issues are the problem, the next step is to review the stopper and starter switch to determine if it needs to be replaced. This is a relatively easy repair that can be completed in a relatively short time.


A garbage disposal can start to leak beneath the sink. Sometimes this can go unnoticed for some time unless the leak is large enough to create a dripping sound below. Once a leak is noticed, the homeowner should act fast in order to repair or replace the garbage disposal. “The first thing to look for when a garbage disposal is leaking is whether or not the seals and gaskets are worn or loose,” according to Vince Calvin, owner of Appliance Repair Baton Rouge LA.


A common error that can occur on residential garbage disposal units is intermediate starting and stopping. Like we mentioned above, issues related to a food waste disposer not turning on or not staying on are often due to a problem with the starter and stopper switch. You can replace the switch and likely correct the issue. If the problem persists, then it is best to consult with a local appliance repair service or schedule a service visit for them to identify the reason the garbage disposal will no longer stay on like it should.


A garbage disposal is a loud appliance. The blades and motors create a grinding, rumbling sound during operation. This means it could be difficult to notice or identify an unusual sound. But if an unfamiliar or loud noise comes from the appliance, you will want to inspect the condition of the blades. Be sure the appliance is turned off and unplugged before interacting with the blades. There is also the possibility silverware or something non combustible fell into the drain and simply needs to be removed. You or an appliance repairman can replace dull blades.


The moment the garbage enters the drain and disposal unit, it should not return. The garbage will be grinded and then flushed down the drain. If garbage comes back up, there is something wrong with the food waste disposer. The reason this problem occurs is due to a broken splash guard. The good news is that while this sounds like a serious repair, it is actually quite easy to replace the splash guard and correct the issue. You can find a new splash guard at a hardware store or on an online appliance part store or retailer.

The repairs above can often be completed by a homeowner or handyman with little appliance repair experience. But do not proceed with a repair without the proper tools and confidence. It is better to hire a professional appliance repair company than to attempt and fail a repair that results in further damage to the appliance. Because of this, we have provided a list of some reputable appliance repair companies to hire for garbage disposal repair:

Ideal Appliance Parts
Baton Rouge, LA

A-Dave’s Appliance Repair Inc.
Joliet, IL

Conway Appliance Repair Inc.
Orlando, FL